International Conference on Computer Communication Networks

ICCCN 2012

Munich, Germany

July 30 - August 2, 2012

ICCCN 2012 – Track on Network Science and Social Networks (NSSN)

Social Networking Services are revolutionizing the way that users interact on the Web. Being easy to use, and integrating the main communication services and games, they represent a simplified, managed (and walled-garden) version of the Web, providing identifiability of their participants between each other (and by the service provider). Online Social Networks not only attract much broader audiences, but they attract their audiences for much longer sessions, than previous Internet services. Providing perfect observability of the interacting individuals, they are a treasure for marketing and advertisement on the one hand, but for scientists who are able to get access to such behavioural data, on the other. Openly accessible, they collect huge amounts of user generated content, images, and messages that their users share with their contacts. Serving the large audiences in an efficient way, at the current scale of hundreds of millions of users with such rich content, which is highly local with respect to its appeal within the overall base of users, remains a very much open problem. This track addresses the full range of data analysis, social networking service design, and experimentation with online social networks.

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Paper Due (Firm) Feb 24, 2012
Acceptance Notification April 23, 2012
Camera-Ready Due May 10, 2012
Registration Due May 10, 2012

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