International Conference on Computer Communication Networks

ICCCN 2010

Zurich, Switzerland

August 2–5, 2010

Student Travel Grants

We are pleased to announce the availability of Student Travel Grants, sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation. Applications are invited from qualified graduate students who are enrolled at accredited U.S. institutions. Each awarded student will be reimbursed (based on the valid receipts) for up to $1,000 for their expenses after the conference is over.


Before preparing the application, please note that applicants need to satisfy the following conditions to qualify for a potential travel grant:

  1. The student must be enrolled in a graduate program at an accredited U.S. institution.
  2. The student is the first author of an accepted paper. (This requirement has been removed to broaden participation. The selection committee may give preference to student authors.)
  3. The student has registered (or will register) to attend the ICCCN 2010 conference.
  4. The student will fly with a US-based carrier. According to NSF policy only airfare on a US-based carrier will be reimbursed.


An application for a student travel award will consist of:

  1. A letter from the student.
  2. The student’s resume.
  3. A supporting letter from the student’s advisor.

Student Letter

The letter from the student should include:

  1. The EDAS ID, title, and author list of the paper accepted by ICCCN 2010.
  2. A brief summary of research interests and accomplishments to date.
  3. A description of areas reflected in the ICCCN 2010 program that would impact the student’s research.
  4. A statement about why the conference attendance is important to the student.

The student's vita should be attached to the letter as a single file.

Advisor Letter

The advisor’s recommendation letter for the student should include:

  1. Confirmation that the student is a Ph.D. or M.S. student in a good academic standing.
  2. The suitability of the ICCCN 2010 program material to the student’s research area.
  3. Ways this particular student would benefit from attendance at the conference.
  4. The strengths and potential contributions of the student.

Application Process

Applicants should upload their application (excluding the advisor letter) as a single PDF file through EDAS (after login to EDAS, click on the “Travel Grants” tab) following the above instructions. Students should provide contact information for their advisor via EDAS. EDAS will contact the advisor directly with instructions for uploading the advisor letter.

Selection Process

We expect to award 15 travel grants. The awardees will be selected according to their paper's review scores and the letters from the applying student and their advisor. Authors of papers accepted to the main conference have priority over authors of papers accepted to a workshop.


Reimbursement Information

If you have been awarded a student travel grant, please see the reimbursement information here.