The 23rd International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks

ICCCN 2014

Shanghai, China

August 4 - August 7, 2014


ICCCN 2014 Location & Travel Tips

There are many resources for learning about Shanghai and exploring sight-seeing possibilities and local excursions. Because there are so many choices, we encourage ICCCN attendees to explore the links here and to ask others who know Shanghai to find an excursion that suits your interests. 

If someone has a specific recommendation or correction to the information posted here that they would like to share with other ICCCN attendees, write to us and we will post here. Also, if any of the local information needs to be corrected, please let us know. 

Electricity: The voltage is 220-240V/50Hz, with both 220V and 110V (for shavers only) power outlets. Plug adapters (a universal adapter is recommended) will be required for laptops and cell-phone chargers which are dual voltage (i.e., they operate equally well on 220 and 110 volts).
To the right, see the outlet that will be found in the hotel.
Local Currency & Credit Cards: The RMB (Renminbi) is the official currency. The basic unit of RMB is the yuan (). Currency can be changed at banks or hotels. Most hotels, restaurants and large shops take Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and Visa & Mastercard debit cards can withdraw RMB on automatic teller machines in commercial banks.
Weather: Shanghai is considered a monsoon climate with August temperatures in the 90's during the day and below 80 in the evening. Check weather conditions to see whether rain is forecast.
Drinking Water: The major index qualification rate of the tap water in Shanghai was as high as 99.95 percent, above the required 98 percent. Bottled water is however recommended for drinking rather than tap water and is widely available for purchase.

When You Arrive at Airport: It will be helpful to have a printed sheet with information about the hotel, including its name in Chinese.

Print a picture of the hotel and a request in Chinese for the taxi driver to take you to the Regal Shanghai Kingswell Hotel.

See the following links to prepare for your arrival and for finding a taxi and getting to the hotel. Unless you have had a chance to learn more about other transportation from the airport taking a taxi (~ 200 RMB or USD$30 with tip) is recommended.

Shanghai Metro: you can take the metro when you do sightseeing and traveling in Shanghai. You can check the price and lines in the website. The rigth figure is a sign for metro in Shanghai.  metro