ICCCN 2009 – Track on Multimedia and QoS (MQoS)

The current Internet is evolving towards a multimedia-based Internet, providing richer and more interactive experiences. Moreover, advances in 3D technology give rise to innovative applications notably in gaming, virtual worlds and communications, which in turn place new types of traffic demands and Quality of Service (QoS) constraints on network architectures. Finally, with the increase in capacity of mobile devices, (multimedia) content delivery is expected to extend into the wireless realm as well.

Experience in the Internet has shown that (per-flow) QoS is difficult to provide at large scale and across domains and that multimedia applications are often perceived by users to have a reasonable Quality of Experience (QoE) in the present Internet without QoS support, e.g., by means of adaptive applications and overlays.  Since the role of the user in providing multimedia content will increase along with the amount of multimedia content itself, there appears a more stringent need for tools to assess the QoE and to offer feedback to the QoS framework and/or the applications when the QoE is unsatisfactory.

The symposium focuses on recent advances in the area of multimedia protocols and applications and QoS. We solicit original and unpublished research achievements in various aspects, including, but not limited to, the topics listed below.

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